Gambar Kak Wan dicium peserta Bersih pula tersebar

HARI ini tiba-tiba heboh di media sosial, gambar Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail atau lebih mesra dipanggil Kak Wan dicium oleh seorang peserta Bersih 4 yang berlangsung setahun yang lalu.

Pihak yang menyebarkan gambar tersebut mendakwa kononnya pipi Kak Wan dicium oleh seorang lelaki bukan Islam ketika berlangsungnya Himpunan Bersih 4 (berdasarkan T Shirt yang dipakai oleh Kak Wan tertulis Bersih 4).

Ada yang mendakwa kononnya gambar tersebut disebarkan sendiri oleh anggota KEADILAN untuk menjatuhkan beliau sebagai presiden Parti Keadilan Rakyat, KEADILAN.

Tapi selepas aku semak, individu yang mencium Kak Wan seperti didakwa itu sebenarnya bernama Pat Lu, beliau mempunyai akaun facebook yang juga menggunakan nama Pak Lu PC. Lebih penting lagi beliau adalah seorang perempuan seperti Kak Wan juga.


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  1. Bengap punya Milo Suam! Blog lain tak siar, kau pulak siarkan! maknanya kaulah 'gunting dalam lipatan' PKR!

  2. Hati-hati IP address anda sudah disimpan, identiti anda juga diketahui. Pakai nama Paul konon kahkahkah

    Walaun bangang...

  3. kipas jangan tak kipas..

  4. Hi Milo Suam, thank you for taking time to clarify matters and stating the facts. It is most appreciated.

    What's so wrong about a person, male or female from whichever race or faith expressing love and affection for Aunty Wan Azizah? For everyone's information, she is my Lu Family friend.

    Besides making a mountain out of a non-existent molehill, I see a(nother) case of "When there is smoke, there is NO fire." Malaysia Semua Boleh!

    It is disgusting to read hidden coward childish hands attempting to to unseat PKR President Dr Wan Azizah with this mere photo of me giving my Aunty Azizah a kiss on the cheek. A sign of desperation, grasping at straws because you can't find any skeleton in her closet? So lame.

    By this example, it also shows Coalitions Does Not Work. It shows the weakness in every political party on both political divide (BN or PR Coalition) -- poison pens, internal fights for position and power within each party -- so tell me, who is really looking after the interest of the rakyat and the nation as a collective whole?

    I hope to see the day our beloved country Malaysia evolve to a Two Party System. E.g. All 14 BN component parties merge into a single party and the same for the opposition parties merge into one party.

    At this moment, a total waste of time and energy to create another party by whatever name you call it to join whichever coalition as history will always repeat itself -- internal fighting for position within each party, then internal fighting within each coalition for allocation of seats at GEs instead of focussing on nation building. A very clear example, the recent request by MCA for UMNO to return the "loaned" seats at last GE.

    Because the coalitions are race and religious-based, there will be no end to race and religious tensions created by nincampoops simply because removing these issues will silence their voices and make their race or religious based political parties IRRELEVANT.

    As I see it, the only way to move our country forward into the 21st Century is to move to a two party system. If both coalitions disagree to merge respectively, then lets form a single party to fight both coalitions.

    If a Single Party emerges miraculously within the next few months before GE14, both coalitions will blame the "Third Force" for splitting the votes thus giving BN another term to rule.

    In this case, our best bet to vote in the "Lesser Evil" in GE14. As seen in the recent American Elections, the reason why Trump won is because 40% of eligible voters abstained from voting -- meaning, their silence is their consent for Trump to be the President of United States.

    So rakyat disillioned with our Malaysian political system, please take heed -- your vote is still required -- vote the Lesser Evil.

    If your children have reached 21 years old this year, please drag them to the nearest post office to register as a voter.

    Bangkit bangkit! Bangkit Raykat!


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